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Welcome to the virtual part of our show!  We tried to make it just as enjoyable and interactive as if you were with us.  Please scroll down to find more.

madison High school Senior Photo gala 2020


The Project

Each student who goes through the Photography program at Madison High School is required to do a final project the last trimester of their senior year.  

The Requirements

01. Be a Senior and take Photo all the way to Photo3.

02. Come up with a Theme, that will include 10 photos following that theme, 

03. Take photos, critique, redo, re-edit, rework, cry, stress, critique again.

04. Accept they are amazing get dressed up and present their work to the public

Hemming Village

This year 8 students will be featured on the shop windows at Hemming Village.  A very special Thank you to all who helped make this huge process a success!  We would love to know what you think. Please leave us a comment and please let the store know if you enjoyed this experience or not. 

We could not have completed the gala without these generous shops allowing us to hang our art for the community to see.

The Photographers

In alphabetical order.  **Thank you Jules for putting these together!!!**

Jessica appell

Through The smoke

Tanner averill


Beth Corpany

Don't play with your food!

Ethan Gordon

Film in a digital age

Sarah littlefield



swade Mckinlay

cour de apose

Kameron Meeker

Its russian!


Julia Willams

POrtraits in Natural Light

The Teacher

Or the Crazy Lady who likes to think she is the Muse but really just nags them to death until they finish this project

Mrs Jennifer Walters

A little about me

I come from photographers, and as long as I can remember I have had a camera in my hand.  My husband made the mistake of giving me a dslr with multiple lenses for a wedding gift and I became even more hooked!  I was not traditionally trained in education I came by it through someone believing more in me then I did myself.  I truly think is was guided, fate, inspired whatever you want to call it.  I didnt know it but I was what was needed for these students and more importantly I needed them!  I got my teaching certificate through and alternative route I am also certified in Cosmetology and working to add graphic design to my endorsements.  I love these students all of them even the ones I don't ever have in class.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve our community and for all the support we receive in return.

my Creative Passion

No one tells you how to find you passion they just say live it.  Not one person truly guides you and sometimes it can take years to discover.  My greatest passion is living as me which is what my show is supposed to represent.  I will have more information soon on my website jwaltersstudios.com if you would like to see more about the process of just creating the goddess in the photos.  I appriciate all of the support especially my husband who loves me and lets me be me.

my personal photo business

As a career and technology teacher I strongly feel it is important to work in the field I teach.  Trends change and people's ideas of what a good photograph change constantly.  But there are things that always stay the same and make a good photographer.  Much of that is the business and client side of things.  I defenantly do not have a thriving business to share but I do still take on clients but my main focus is my students.   That being said a senior session or engagment is so much fun it fuels me to keep teaching.


Photography can be taught you just have to want to learn it.  Yes some have natural talent but its more then a good eye.  There is technology, and psychology behind a good photograph and understand that will take you further then you can imagine.  All it takes is the willingness to learn, and the drive to make it happen.  The students featured above have that.  My goal is that every student feels comfortable enough to learn and feel safe to express thier ideas, be themselves, think for themselves, and most importantly belive in themselves.

I do want to thank the several students who put in countless hours to get this site where it is.  They used their talents and took on work not expected but needed to be done. I hope they know it would happen with out that ethic and drive.


Graphics by Ethan Gordon, Tanner Averill

Videos, organization, file management Julia Williams

Sanity and laughter food bringers list makers Jessie Appell and Beth Corpany

Personal assistant who keeps me sane: Ellie Crawford

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