Photo III

Completers of the Comercial Photography Program

1st Tri

6 different Lighting on location using a lighting kit

2 Composite photos

Retest on certifications you have not passed or pick the next two you would like to work on

Mentor Photo 2 students

Student Examples

2nd Tri


Recreation of assigned artits

Artist Statement and Plan of action for Senior Gala

Finish Adobe ceriticatios

Student Examples

3rd Tri


Annual Senior Photo Gala

Ideas, sugesstions to continue to improve the program

Graduate You did IT!

Senior Photo Gala

I hope to add more detail to this but this site is a work in progress.   Thank you to all of our supporters who make this program possible and the amazing students who choose to share their passion with the world.

More inforamtion.

Answers to some frequently asked questions.  Still working on this one