Oh the things you can Learn!

Trimester I

01 The Camera

All of the necessary knowledge to completely control your camera to capture your idea of what the image should be.

02 Photoshop

We will be certifying in Adobe Photoshop you will also learn beginning compositing skills and more editing skills. 

Trimester II


We will take our amazing camera knowledge and add in external light sources.  This really takes you up a level as many “professionals” do not  understand studio lighting. You will also learn how to work with models.

02 Photoshop

We will learn more advanced editing and work on PORTRAITS

03 Adobe Illustrator

We will start practicing to certify in illustrator


trimester III

01 Your Business

You will begin to learn how a photo business works, including setting up your own business.  We will discuss, laws, contracts, ethics, design and marketing.

02 Photoshop

You will take what you learned in studio and take a progression of different lighting challenges.

03 Illustrator

You will be certifying in Illustrator as part of your final

04 Photography III
Preparing for Photo III and the Annual Senior Photo Gala